MAY 22, 2010

A free public event designed to give non-llama owners and those just curious about llamas a chance to spend a day with a llama and learn more about them. Despite terrible weather (it snowed in the morning) more than 90 people turned out.

The event was divided into sections where
visitors could watch different activities 
involving llamas.

The first set of stations focused on llama fiber. This included shearing, blowing fiber clean in a cleaning tumbler, skirting and sorting fiber, and a spinner hand-spinning raw fiber. 

The Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Coop provided a sample display of blankets, rugs, and socks to showcase finished llama fiber products.

Blowing llama fiber clean

The second group of activities involved the animals themselves. 

Rosebud Llamas  provided a hands-on demonstration of commercial llama packing. 

Several members of the Backcountry Horsemen of Utah brought their trail horses to show how different types of pack stock can mingle and co-exist  peacefully with each other.

The llama obstacle course was a highly popular event.

The Second Annual Llama Fun Day will be held on Saturday, June 25, 2011. Hours will once again be 10am to 5pm. We hope to have an expanded event with more   activities and demonstrations and additional  fiber items for sale.

Photos by Judy Huhn

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