Katy and Jerry White


            Pear Tree Llamas was established by Clark and Katy Partridge in 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The "partridge in a pear tree" connection made the name Pear Tree Llamas an obvious choice.

 We began our herd with the purchase of two dams and two six-week old male crias.  Our initial interest was in packing. As our enthusiasm for llamas grew, so did the herd,  and we moved our growing herd to a forty-acre site in Midway, Utah. A barn and fences were built, and by the year 2000 the llamas were thoroughly settled in their permanent home. Clark passed away suddenly in 2002; after his death Katy stayed on the property, tending the llamas.  In 2005 Katy married Jerry White, and Pear Tree Llamas took a new lease on life.

Today our herd numbers about twenty. We now focus on community activities and fiber production. We provide animals and handlers for parades, trail clean ups, birthday parties, business promotions, and other types of special events.  Ranch visits for school groups or other special groups can be arranged with us as well.  Once a year we open the ranch to the public for a free Llama Fun Day, where anyone interested in llamas may visit us for the day and learn more about these delightful creatures.

            Professionally, we are members of the Utah Llama Association (ULA), the Rocky Mountain Llama Association (RMLA), the Alpaca and Llama Show Association (ALSA), the International Llama Registry  (ILR), and the Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative.


We purchased our initial four llamas  from Craig and Doris Rasmussen of Rasmussen Livestock, Hoytsville, Utah.  The Rasmussen herd sires were Calypso PL and Primo Camacho, both of whom came from Patterson Llamas.  Of  our original four animals Ms. Snooks and her son Kokopele, and Ms. Q Ti Pi and her son Senor Pisac only Snooks and Pisac remain with us today.  

CDR Senor Pisac (m) ILR 166018


CDR Ms. Snooks (f)  ILR  71178 

Nonezoschi  (m.) (left) ILR  191516 and Kokopele  (m.) (deceased)

In recent years we have introduced Argentine, Chilean,  and Peruvian blood to our herd. Please visit our Herd Sire and Fiber Line pages to see some of our recent additions. 

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