June 25, 2011
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Our second Annual Llama Fun Day took place on a beautiful sunny Saturday in June and was attended by more than 200 people . 

 The setup was the same as the first Llama Fun Day.  Activities ran all day long, with no specific scheduled times. Attendees were free to wander from station to station and watch (or participate in) whatever interested them for as long as they wished. The first stop was the Utah Llama Association booth, where attendees received an event  map  and could browse through an extensive display of literature about llamas and llama associations. 

Activities repeated from last year included llama shearing, cleaning fiber in a fiber tumbler, spinning llama fiber, and the  llama obstacle course.

Shirley Weathers of Rosebud Llamas hand shears one of her commercial pack llamas.


Mike Coffey demonstrates custom
power shearing in the llama work chute.

Sherry Roser is busy cleaning llama fiber.

Judith Rosenthal talks about the art of
hand spinning.

Beverley Heffernan from the Backcountry Horsemen of Utah provided a display on Leave No Trace Camping and good back country etiquette.

Two visitors from CircleT Alpacas helped demonstrate the differences between llamas and alpacas.

One of the hits of the day  was the cameo appearance of Clyde the Camel, a 22-year-old bull camel owned by veterinarian Dr. Charmain Wright of Mountain Horse Medical Hospital, Park City, Utah. 

New this year was an expanded vendor booth section, where attendees could purchase llama fiber clothing, blankets, and rugs; llama yarn and raw llama fleeces; and bags of llama poop to make llama tea for the garden. A  very popular activity  was the  hands-on demonstration of nuno felting   (a type of felting done with cold water and mild dish detergent) provided by  Cheryl Juntilla.  

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